New projects - both projects are finished (A.D.A.M. and Stella)

The first project is a commuter bike for the girlfriend of my colleague. It is a wonderful Somec frame from the 1990's made with Columbus SL tubing. Together with the frame we got a Campagnolo Chorus Crank set, bottom bracket and a Chorus head set both from the 1990's. The frame has a 130 rear wheel space. At the time being we are in the concept phase, but we will make a classic design.

The second project is just born, because I couldn't stop my bidding at eBay and I just got a Colnago Master frame from Poland at eBay for a good price - the paint isn't original, but who cares ... the main artwork are the luggs and the Columbus Gilco tubes. I still not have any idea, but I have the frame :-) ...

News about A.D.A.M. (my new project is called now): The frame has been arrived by end of last week and the paintjob looks like is has been done by the Colnago people themselves :-) amazing !

The fork is in new condition ... and my decision is done, I will cannibalize Ernesto, because I won't have enough place for another bike :-( . The Somec frame from Ernesto will be sold at eBay shortly. The cockpit will be total different to Ernestos - I bought a Nitto CroMo 123 Keirin bar in 36cm width with some simple cross brake levers. For sure the Campa C Reocord Delta brakes will be mounted :-)

The date for the assembling of the Somec of the friend of mine will be Apr. the 20'th

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