About bikespresso.de

The idea to have a site with stuff about my bikes came, when I made my first singlespeed bicycle and photographs in Wilhelmsburg from this. During a repair of my espresso machine the name 'bikespresso' was born.

Bikespresso's first site was created with iWeb from Apple ... this autumn I decided to replace the old pages by new ones. To find the right tool for building a page I selected Freeway Pro, which works perfectly.

Whenever I create a site, I start to draw my idea and structure on paper ... anyhow, the new site was started one week ago on 24th of November 2013.

At bikespresso you find galleries of photographs showing my individual custom built bicycles and my espresso machine.

To design and build a nice bike I need a wonderful hand pressed coffee to relax.

In order to make perfect photographs of the finished bikes, a good camera is needed as well.

This site shows stories about the building process and action movies s well as a special link list with custom bike builders, my favorite bike sites and with my top brands.

Riding these bikes makes the same fun as building them ...
or lets say: "when riding self-built bikes this makes even more fun"

Whenever someone of my visitors wants to know more about the techniques, tools, equipment, measuring and locations to ride the wonderful bikes - please do not hesitate to contact me:


Now feel free to explore my site and enjoy.


Copyright © Christian Baltrusch; christian@bikespresso.de, 2013


photographs from: www.pixelloop.com